About Our Organization

Coastal Carolina Adaptive Sports and Recreation is a community-based nonprofit organization formed in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina in 2010, whose mission is to improve their quality of life by providing Sport and Recreational opportunities for people with physical and visual disabilities and their families. In February, 2012, we partnered with the United States Paralympic Committee to form South Carolina’s first Paralympic Sport Club Coastal Carolina. We exist to :

• Provide direct recreational and adaptive sport opportunities to members of the community with physical and visual disabilities, and educate about the benefits of living an active lifestyle
• Provide inclusive programs that enable members of the community with disabilities and their families to participate in recreational and sporting activities
•Give persons with physical and visual disabilities the tools necessary to remove barriers that prevent them from living an active lifestyle and encourage them to focus on their abilities, as opposed to their disabilities
•Connect participants with disabilities with one another and encourage them to embrace life

What is a Paralympic Sport Club

Paralympic Sport Club's are community based organizations developed
to involve youth, veterans, and adults with disabilties in Sports and Recreational activities regardless of skill level. There are a network of clubs providing adaptive programming, connecting participants with one and other, and educating Americans on how these programs are benefiting persons with disabilties. For more information on Paralympic Sport Clubs or to locate one near you visit
To improve the quality of life by providing sport and recreational opportunities for persons with visual and physical disabilites and their families.